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January 02, 2016


John in Colorado

I don't agree. In order to realize significant albeit incremental change in such broad things as income inequality, it will take an elite to negotiate with the elites. Bernie is not that person. In order to pander to the disaffected left, Bernie has demonized the 1%. Yet those will be exactly the people he would have to get on board to accept and implement real change. It won't work. Too much water under the bridge with Bernie for that. And while I am a progressive Democrat, especially on social issues, I don't buy into Bernie's demagoguery. He is creating expectations on the left, like talk of revolution, that he cannot possibly deliver on, especially with a hostile Congress. He has people vilifying Hillary when she most likely be the Democratic nominee. If Bernie's supporters stay home for the general election, it will hand the election to a nutcase like Rubio or Cruz. The long term effect of a Republican making extreme right-wing Supreme Court appointments could set this country back for decades. So this election is far bigger than Bernie or Hillary.

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